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With well over a decade of experience in multiple mediums (graphite, watercolor, and oil), and extensive studies in art history of various eras, schools, and styles, I dedicate tremendous time studying and drafting before starting any piece of art to maximize its artistic value. I believe that when you express interest in my paintings, you are looking for more than a caricature portrait or stale photorealism, you are looking for a fresh visual depiction of what you appreciate the most, of what's most valuable to you, represented with a higher standard of artistry. What sets my work apart from others is manifested in mature painting techniques (not executed in a cartoonish, awkward way), carefully drafted composition (allowing for an organic and intriguing visual movement), and well balanced color harmony and stylistic choices (skillfully chosen accentuation and sacrifice to bring out the light of the subject).

Contact me at with your interest (photos, ideas) and preferred dimensions (18' x 24'…etc), and I will provide you with a quote ASAP. Once price, medium, and means of execution are agreed upon, a 50% conditionally refundable deposit  is required at time of contract signing (*see refund policy below); the remaining 50% PLUS shipping will be due at delivery.

Prior to shipment, I will send you photographic final drafts to you to see if any touch-ups or adjustments are desired. When all is satisfactory, the artwork will be packaged safely and shipped to you.

*Security deposit is fully refundable during the design/draft stage.


I provide 100% satisfaction guarantee at time of delivery. If for any reason you're not satisfied and require non-major touch up within 30 days of delivery, I'll be happy to provide the requested adjustment free of charge.

50% of purchase price can be refunded if notified within 30 days of delivery.

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